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College Football and Your Development Project


Wow, it’s finally here.  College football has started again!  This weekend we will get to see some great football.  I am particularly looking forward to two games.  No. 12 LSU vs. No. 20 TCU and of course, my newly adopted team - the No. 19 Boise State Broncos vs. the Washington Huskies! Watching the first games of the season yesterday started me thinking about everything that goes into having a successful college football team and how those same lessons translate into a great development or construction project.

From my perspective, it all starts with coaching.  You can have some of the best players in the nation and without proper coaching your program will ultimately fail.  Take for instance Nick Sabin.  As much as some people hate him, you have to give him credit for consistently developing a winning product on the field.  Yes, he is in a conference where it is easy to recruit but he also gets the most of his players once they arrive on campus. 

Then there is Coach Chris Petersen of Boise State.  Coach Petersen has led Boise State to four top seven finishes in the last seven years.  This despite not having top recruiting classes in each of those years!  It seems that Coach Petersen has developed a system for success at the college level.   

Okay, you are saying to yourself, “What is the correlation between having a great college football coach and having a successful real estate development project?”  Well, it starts with hiring someone that can not only find great talent (i.e. architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers) but also has the ability get the most out of them once they are on the jobsite.  Truly, you need someone that not only has experience but can translate a vision of success to entire project.

The key question to ask yourself when putting together your development team is, “Am I hiring a leader?”  Without great leadership your project will probably be much like those college teams that finish 6 and 6 on the season.  Yes, they had some wins, but for the season, the program was a failure.     

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